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If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Township Road 250

Logan OH 43138

Directions to Cozy Cabin and Country Cottage

From Logan take 93N

Turn Left on 312N

Turn Left on Township Road 250

Follow the gravel road until you come to your cabin or cottage. You will see the signs for Peek A Boo Cabins

Peek a Boo Cabin

Check In & Check Out

Key Codes will only be issued to the registered guest. Balance and policies forms must be paid in full and completed 7 days prior to arrival. Check-in is 4pm, please do not ask us to check in early, as in many instances the units are cleaned just prior to your arrival. If we let guests check in early, we have no way to ensure the unit will be ready. Check-out is 11am. You will be expected to place dishes in the dishwasher, pile used bed linens on top of beds, trash in the designated trash cans, make sure the cabin is secure before departing, and notify Peek A Boo Cabins of your departure and check out.

Deposit & Cancellations

All rental units must be registered to and occupied by an adult 21 years of age or older. A copy of a driver's license or other photo id is required. Renter will be required to provide the accurate number of guests at time of final payment. No additional day or nighttime guests are permitted unless otherwise approved prior to check in.  At the time of booking 50% of the rental fee is required as a reservation deposit. All deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. You may cancel your reservations and only be required to pay the deposit if the cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to your arrival, you may also reschedule your dates 30 days prior without penalty.  Please keep in mind that our rental rates fluctuate significantly depending on the dates. The modified reservation might be different than your original reservation amount. If for any reason a cancellation is necessary we will hold the deposit for one year for you to apply to any future booking. If the cancellation is between 30 - 14 days from your arrival date you will be required to pay your full amount.  If you need to change the dates within the 30-14 days prior to your arrival we can apply your deposit to a stay within one year. No changes to the dates of the reservation may be made within 14 days of guests arrival. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the guests booked stay will result in a forfeit of the deposit and the remaining balance will be charged in full.  There are no refunds for early checkouts. Making a reservation request does not guarantee your booking. No reservation is complete until deposit has been paid. 

Damage Deposit

We do require a fully refundable damage deposit. The Country Cottage will require a $400 damage deposit and the Cozy Cabin will require a $200 damage deposit. These deposits are fully refundable, as long as there has been no damage to the unit during your time of stay. The fee will be held on the card on file, 2 days prior to your arrival. Upon check out our cleaning crew will do a walk through within 48 hours and determine if we can release your funds at that time. It may show pending on your card for up to 7-10 business days. 

Minimum Stays

Minimum requirements are in place. We require two night minimum and three nights during holidays, if a holiday falls on a weekend it will become a three night minimum. Exceptions will be made if nights rented fall between two other reservations and the minimum is not possible. Please call our office for availability. 

Weather & Unforeseen Conditions

We understand that bad weather can happen and cause unforeseen issues. If the electric should be completely out for the entire stay or if the County is on a level 3 snow emergency we will provide a refund. We do not give refunds for temporary power outages. We do not provide refunds for break down or malfunction of appliances, air conditioners, heaters, hot tubs, the presence of insects, critters or wildlife, acts of God, inclement weather, location of cabin, loss of water, cable, or other utilities, conditions of roadways or driveways. No refunds will be made after you check-in. 

Wildlife & Insects

Please remember you are in the woods. Our cabin is treated for pest control on a regular basis. Occasionally a few critters could make their way inside. In such a case, notify the office, and we will make every effort to solve the problem in a timely manner. Please do your part by keeping windows and doors closed and all food and trash inside or in the appropriate outside trash receptacles. Also note, that during various seasons some insects are more likely to become a nuisance such as flies, stink bugs, Asian beetles, wasps, and bees, and they are beyond our control. In these instances, no refunds will be given. 

Damages & Fees

It is of utmost importance to report any and all damages to the property found upon arrival to avoid additional charges. There is a $250 charge for bringing a pet into the non-pet friendly cabin. There will be a $250 charge for any sign or evidence of smoking inside the non-smoke friendly cabin. In the event of damages or extra cleaning requirements, additional charges may be applied to the credit card used to pay your deposit at the time of booking or used to pay the balance of the reservation if different. Items listed below are causes for additional charges but aren't limited to these: Excess trash or personal belongs left inside or outside of the cabin not placed in designated trash cans. Any sort of clean up on bodily fluids, throw up, feces, urine or blood. Any and all damages made on the interior or exterior of the property, any damage made to the furniture, fixtures, or amenities. Any damages that result in carpet cleaning or shampooing. Any damage or misuse of hot tub, there is a separate section and waiver to make sure guests are aware of safety and care while using the hot tub.

Lost & Found

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please check your unit thoroughly prior to your departure for any personal belongings. If you notice you have left an item behind, please call our office and every effort will be made to locate the item. If the item is found and the guests would like to have it shipped back there will be a $15 service charge on top of the shipping fee that will be due prior to shipping. We are not responsible for items left in your unit by you or other rental guests that may have occupied the unit before you. If you locate any items in your unit after check-in that do not belong to you, please let us know immediately. 


We are not responsible for lost or stolen items out of vehicles parked on the premises. Peek A Boo Cabins cannot be held responsible for any damages done while at the premises. Guests must park in designated parking areas for the cabin or cottage in which they are staying. Any guests that park in the road is subject to being towed at the expense of cabin renter.  



The rental unit that you are renting is under management by Peek A Boo Cabins, LLC on behalf of the unit owner. Peek A Boo Cabins acts only as an agent for the owner. Under no circumstances will Peek A Boo Cabins or the unit owner be responsible to you or your guests for any loss, expense, damage, claim, or injury, direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise, caused or incurred, as result of any action or inaction by Peek A Boo Cabins or the unit owner, or their agents, employees, subcontractors, third parties, other guests, or any other party. Renter agrees to assume all responsibility and risks involved with the use of the hot tub, bunk beds, all gaming activities, any accident, injury or damage in or about the premises (including renters guests).  Peek A Boo Cabins reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any person and/or rescind any contract for accommodations or guest services. Neither Peek A Boo Cabins nor the unit owner will be responsible for accidents, injuries to guests, or for loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind for any reason. By renting the unit you agree to indemnify and hold Peek A Boo Cabins and the unit owner harmless from any and all claims and loss of any and all guests using the unit as your guests pursuant this agreement. Renter assumes responsibility of all guests. 

Hot Tub Use & Care

There is a hot tub on site, there are not lifeguards on duty and swimming is at your own risk. There are certain health risks associated with the use of hot tubs. Each registered guest is responsible for informing their guests(s) of the possible risks. The hot tub is sanitized and services for correct chemicals after each guests departs.  Maintenance may begin servicing the hot tub starting at 9am the day of guests departure.  It is possible that the hot tub may not reach a comfortable temperature for use the first night of your stay. Hot tubs are for enjoyment only, without the use of normal bathing products (soap shampoo, bath oil etc. ). Hot tub covers are to be kept on hot tubs at all times unless hot tub is being used. DO NOT SIT, STAND ON, OR MISTREAT the hot tub cover. a $350 charge will result in any damage done to the hot tub and or the hot tub cover. Consult a physician if you have questions or concerns before the use of a hot tub. You may call the office during regular business hours with any questions you may have concerning your hot tub. Physicians strongly discourage pregnant women from using a hot tub. 

If the below policies are not followed it may result in immediate termination of agreement


without a refund, and you and your guests will be required to leave the premises. 

  • There is a fireplace and a fire pit, no fire is permitted to be made outside of these designated areas. 

  • This is a Non-pet friendly cabin and guests will be fined and asked to leave if a pet is brought onto the premises. 

  • No tents/campers are permitted to be put up on the property. 

  • No large gatherings or parties to be help on the property without prior written agreement. 

  • No hunting of any kind is permitted on the property.

  • No use of firearms, guns, or handmade weapons of any kind. 

  • No fireworks of any kind. 

  • No Use of ATV's throughout the property. 

  • No illegal activity of any kind. 

  • We ask that all renters please remember that even though we are in the woods, we do not want to disturb the peace of our neighbors. Highly disrubtive activity is not permitted.  

Entire Agreement - Once you have completed your booking you are agreeing to these policies and rules,

the reservation agreement & policies, along with all other policies of Peek a boo Cabins, you acknowledge, constitute the entire agreement of the parties with respect to a modified subsequent written agreement executed by the parties. This agreement and the performance thereof shall be governed, interpreted, construed, and regulated by the laws of the state of Ohio. the parties agree to submit any matter arising out of the agreement to the court located in Perry County, Ohio. The parties further agree that said court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction over any matter relating to or arising from the agreement and the parties rights and obligations under this agreement. Each of the parties hereby expressly waive any objection or defense it may have to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the state of Ohio. If Peek a boo cabins must seek remedy in court for any reason, all attorney fees and court costs shall be paid by the guest.  

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